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Week 5 Response

Today, many events are planned and operated through the Internet.  The Internet has provided an easy way for millions of people to come together and organize to fight for a common belief. Last week’s articles offered a more pessimistic approach … Continue reading

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Week 5

In “Realizing the Social Internet? Online Social Networking Meets Offline Social Capital,” Pasek lays out 4 different but related hypothesis. 1) Young people using the Internet for information will exhibit higher levels of civic engagement, political knowledge, and interpersonal trust … Continue reading

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Week 4 Jamie Schwarz

I found the Pariser chapters to be extremely interesting to read because it helped timeline the growth of using algorithms for search engines. From Amazon to Google and then Facebook, it became evident that these algorithms could change the way … Continue reading

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Week 4

Pariser’s Chapter 1 in The Filter Bubble and Morozov’s Chapter 3 in the The Net Delusion are two of the more interesting chapters we have read in my opinion. They both bring up intriguing points that criticize the influence of … Continue reading

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Week 4

I found Chapter 1 of Pariser’s “The Filter Bubble” to be extremely informative and interesting. In his explanation of three of the most visited and widely known websites, Amazon, Google and Facebook, he demonstrated how to successfully win (as the … Continue reading

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Week 4

Every day people all across the world log on to their computers and pull up the Internet.  Google is one of the most frequently visited sites – no matter what country you’re logging on from.  Whether it is Google in … Continue reading

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Week 4 Response

The web has become an extremely personalized place.  Almost everything a user views has in some way been personalized to his or her interests.  As Eli Pariser explains in “The Filter Bubble”, companies are finding success once they find a … Continue reading

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