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Week 9

We have learned a lot about the history of social media and how everything was created. Last week we learned about the Howard Dean campaign and how it was very successful in putting up numbers using social media but there … Continue reading

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Week 9: Kreiss v. Shirky

This weeks readings discussed the important role of social media in helping Barack Obama develop a successful campaign. One of the key components that Kreiss elaborates was used by the Obama campaign was creating as much positive buzz as possible … Continue reading

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Week 9

At the beginning of Kreiss’s piece his made a few points that I had already touched on in a few of my previous posts, which was quite encouraging to read. Kreiss says that social media did provide votes, in 2008, … Continue reading

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Week 9 Jamie Schwarz

After reading the study by Hargittai/Shaw and the piece by Gueprguieva I found that they synthesized a number of arguments about the impact of internet use on campaigns. One argument that I developed after reading is that the internet is virtually … Continue reading

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Week 9: Cody Patton

The Kreiss, Gueorguieva, and Slotnick readings focused on how Barack Obama was able to successfully use social media to win the 2008 election. Kreiss focused on the network building aspect of the campaign. He defined network building as the creation and maintenance … Continue reading

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week 9 readings

The readings this week discuss the role that social media plays in political campaigns. Slotnick analyzes the strategies that the 2008 republican and democratic candidates use through social media and the extent that social media, particularly Facebook, has on the … Continue reading

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Ben HalperinWeek 9

Reading Geuorguieva’s and Kreiss’ pieces, in conjunction with each other, was fascinating. The difference in implementation of Internet resources in the election cycle is marked. Geuorguieva’s writing describes how MySpace and YouTube were used, specifically during the 2006 election cycle. … Continue reading

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