Patrick Nolan Week 13

Some argue that Twitter was a fundamental tool used in the revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, and Lybia while others argue that Twitter really didn’t play an important role.  Do you think the revolutions would have played out in the same way if Twitter wasn’t used?


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1 Response to Patrick Nolan Week 13

  1. This week an interesting point was raised in the readings; even though the Internet was shut down (still mobile internet access), people within the country were so distraught and vocal of the governmental injustice they continued to successfully press on and revolt. In other words, the seriousness was so extreme that the revolt had enough power to continue. Thus, I am leading towards the position that the revolt and activism would have taken place with or without Twitter. Although the global attention / number of people involved may have been different (difficult to tell with what we know know), it seems as though the political climate was simply a pressure cooker for activism and it was only a matter of time. Call me naive.

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