week 13

“Social media” is such a broad term to describe many tools, including but not limited to SMS, Twitter, and Facebook.  While each author has a differing opinion on the degree that social media played a role in the activism in the Middle East, is it possible their opinions are perhaps more similar than they appear and the debate is largely stemming from the misuse of the generalized term “social media” rather than specifically defining the successful/unsuccessful tools as SMS, Twitter and Facebook?  In other words, are specific social media tools are more helpful than others in activism situations, and are we are failing to recognize the distinction in debates?

Layne Steele Paddon

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1 Response to week 13

  1. amandakoons says:

    Yes I think that specific tools are more helpful than others when it comes to organizing a revolution. As we discussed in class, Facebook is a great tool for organizing groups. Because of the features of Facebook, more can become involved by the flexibility of organizing and inviting members to groups. While Twitter doesn’t have these same features, I would argue that Twitter is better at mobilizing a group of people behind an idea. For example, in the Egyptian revolutions, a popular was #jan25, the day that the revolutionaries over threw the, at the time, President Mubarak. Using these search-able hash tags, Twitter has the ability to unify a group of people around one event or idea and others can easily join in. So yes, I think different social medias are applicable for different parts of revolutions.

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