Week 13

This weeks readings discuss Twitters role in spreading information about the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions.  How do you use Twitter? Do you use it to follow news sources and spread information or purely to follow friends? Do you feel like you learn new information when you are on Twitter?

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2 Responses to Week 13

  1. staceync says:

    I use Twitter to get quick update news on what my friends are up to. Additionally, I use it to get news on thinks that are happening in the world around me. Furthermore, I use Twitter to engage with other businesses and get coupons and deals that are happening in restaurants and businesses that I follow. I personally use twitter to send updates on what I am doing currently and spread news articles that I find rather appealing. I definitely learn new information when I am on Twitter which is why I think it is such a great idea. Twitter allows buzz news to be spread rapidly and allows me to engage with companies that I would not ordinarily do. It is different from Facebook because everything is in 140 characters or less so I get the point very fast.

  2. sloebs says:

    I use Twitter for the most part to get updates from my friends. I follow very very news sources or accounts that would tweet about news information and such. That being said, I use the site as a purely social networking site but if there was some kind of big event happening, I would go check out some of the news Twitters and I have a lot of friends who would retweet the information. So even because I do not directly follow those accounts, I still get the information. My tweets are about personal information such as status updates and such instead of spreading information about world news.

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