Week 13

This weeks readings focused on the use of Twitter in the Arab Spring, do you think that Twitter was actually that powerful when it came to these revolutions? How was the Arab Spring able to overcome the weak ties that often exist in social networks?

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2 Responses to Week 13

  1. anishaa1 says:

    I think Twitter was useful for these Revolutions but I think that the movement would not have been possible without a backbone. So the weak ties were overcome by the common cause backing the revolution. Also, the Revolution was well planned. It was spontaneous to a certain extent but the planning behind it was intense. Twitter was integral for the facilitation of this plan. And once again it was used as a tool.

  2. yuille says:

    In my view, a big reason why the Arab Spring was able to overcome the normally weak ties with social networks is because it wasn’t just a “Twitter revolution.” This was a movement that may have been facilitated in part by social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, but it was more than that. A lot of people believed strongly in the cause and were ready to put their lives on the line for the cause. Movements with so much on the line typically involve people who have stronger ties, and I believe that was the case with the Arab Spring.

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