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Strategies to Cater Towards the Individual Within the Collective Group

The past decade has led to the expansion of digital media and even more specifically, the creation of multiple social media sites. With the advancement of this technology, simple communication has been transformed through the digital world. Individuals are now … Continue reading

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Social Activism on Social Networks

Karpf’s article discusses the challenges faced in the digital revolution in terms of measuring online campaigns/activism.  He outlines two categories of measurement 1. Tactical: the number of visits/followers/retweets/posts and 2. Strategic Metrics: measure success by clarifying how online tactics will … Continue reading

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Week 4: Personalized Content and the Internet

The readings this week examine how the Internet as evolved into a tool of personalization. An environment that allows users to see news, advertisements, etc. that are personalized to their interests. While some may view this technology advancement as positive, … Continue reading

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How is collective action really affected?

In Eli Pariser’s The Filter Bubble, different methods Amazon, Facebook and Google use to figure out what is personally relevant to consumers are discussed. All three of these gigantic websites use different methods to aggregate data they have, can purchase … Continue reading

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Are you really politically informed?

The rise of new media into mainstream culture has without a doubt brought innovative engagement to political action According to Morozov in, Orwell’s Favorite Lolcat, in the past television provided valuable, political information to the masses. Morozov said,  “Most Americans … Continue reading

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A middle ground between Authoritarian and Democratic media/ Week 4

         In the reading titled The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom, Morozov speaks about the ideas of Markus Prior.  Prior tells readers that in the past, citizens in the west listened about politics on … Continue reading

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From Open Access to Profit Margins

Eli Paiser’s The Filter Bubble outlines the complex algorithms and systems with determine the content users see on the internet. From Google’s PageRank which decides if you’ll see Seal the singer or a seal cub, to Facebook’s Edgerank which number … Continue reading

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