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Media Management and the 47%

In his paper, Lutz outlines the individual social media interactions in the way they were hyped by much of the media and the Obama campaign itself. His portrayal acknowledges the new frontier pioneered by the campaign, capitalizing on successes of … Continue reading

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Obama’s Campaign: Keeping the Social Media Lead

Barack Obama’s 2008 Campaign for Presidency represented a fundamental shift in the ways that online media can play a role in a political campaign. It is clear through the readings that Barack Obama dominated John McCain in all facets of … Continue reading

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A Different Look at Obama’s use of the Internet

When thinking of new media and the Obama campaign the first thing that comes to my mind is the efficient use of it by the campaign to directly reach out, communicate with and call on supporters. Daniel Kreiss’s article Acting … Continue reading

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Political Attacks: How far is too far?

When reading about Barack Obama’s 2008 Campaign, I was initially impressed by the use of new media, who wouldn’t be? The Campaign is considered one of a kind, or at least the first of it’s kind to be successful, in … Continue reading

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Social Media to Win

The readings for this week discuss how President Obama used social media to aid in his campaign. For instance, The Social Pulpit by Monte Lutz discusses how the victory of Obama can be greatly attributed to his online campaign. Obama … Continue reading

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Is slacktivism undermining the 2012 Obama campaign?

In the article titled the Social Pulpit, Lutz states that in the 2008 campaign, Obama used social media such as You Tube to reach people from all over the United States in order to promote his politics.  Morozov, however, talks … Continue reading

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Dean Campaign – What Went Wrong

Trippi, in Chapter 8 of his book The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Democracy, the Internet and the Overthrow of Everything, deemed the Dean campaign “The Great American Conversation” because of the dynamic online discussion about the direction of our country it … Continue reading

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