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Try to silence us, we’ll only yell louder

In Social Media and the Decision to Participate in Political Protest, Tufecki and Wilson observe the uprising in Egypt’s Tahrir Square. They explore the role social media and the Internet had in organizing and facilitating the protests that occurred in … Continue reading

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Social Media and News; Who Has Control?

In The Role of Digital Media, the story of political change with regards to the emergence of social media is told in terms of the globalization of news. While before digital technology it was difficult and costly to transmit important … Continue reading

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The Arab Spring and Social Media

The Arab Spring, even with the radical differences between countries as Anderson points out, was largely influenced by social media and networking with available technologies. While reviewing the arguments presented in these readings, Clay Shirky’s idea of collective action should … Continue reading

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In Demystifying the Arab Spring by Lisa Anderson, she immediately makes the claim that the internet was not to receive credit in the events surrounding the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. She provides evidence for this by comparing the … Continue reading

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Where is the Egyptian voice and experience in the use of social media in political activism within Egypt?

Last week the Elthman and Burns’ article explored the importance of Twitter during the 2009 election in Iran, how different political actors and protestors used the social media site and how political actors responded to its use. While other theorists … Continue reading

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Revolts in the Arab World

Anderson’s reading regarding the Arab Spring introduced and explained the reasons behind as well as the execution of many of the happenings in the Arab world in 2011.  She detailed the differences between what happened in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya … Continue reading

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Social Media and Arab Spring

The Arab Spring seems to be the perfect example of how social media gave rise to the individual as journalist by providing the people with a mode of communication that the regime could not control.  On many levels, this is … Continue reading

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