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Lulled into Complacency

In Chapter 3 of E. Morozov’s book, The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom, he talks about the “promoting” of internet in authoritarian societies has effected, or failed to effect citizen’s participation in and the questioning of their … Continue reading

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In this weeks readings, Rheingold discusses “smart mobs.” Smart mobs essentially allow a large amount of people to become unified efficiently and effectively. Through rapidly growing social networking websites, people are able to form social communities. I believe these newly … Continue reading

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Week 3: Groupthink and Social networking

Collaboration is crucial in order to realize the fullest potential of the “new web.” That seems to be Shirky’s thesis in this week’s reading. Never have groups in our society held the power that they do now. And social networks … Continue reading

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Need for collaboration

Throughout Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody, it is clear that he wishes to emphasize the importance of collaboration in order truly utilize the potential of the Internet and social networking.  More specifically, in his chapter Faster and Faster, Shirky begins to … Continue reading

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Mobile Communication and Political Involvement

For this week’s reading, there seemed to be an overlap in the ideas that the authors had on the efficiency that mobile communication brings for organization. Although both negative and positive sides were offered, each author poses that social dilemmas … Continue reading

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Social Capital and Cyberspace

Social capital, as described by Shirky in Chapter 8, is when people interact together, resulting in more earning potential and happiness. This social capital, in today’s technological society, comes in the form of an alternate reality, cyberspace. And although cyberspace … Continue reading

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Week 3: Instant Gratification & The Shift

       In Chapter 2 and 7 of Smart Mobs, Rheingold questioned how the new medium of social networking changed the way people cooperate with one another.  In Chapter 2, Rheingold used smart mobs to refer to social media’s … Continue reading

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