The Importance of Analytics in a Digital Campaign

Social media seems to have a pretty significant effect on political campaigning, as we have now learned about in several ways. It’s an efficient and cost-efficient method to spread awareness, but it must be monitored and tracked for its ability to be maximized. Karpf argues that both tactical and strategic measurements should be used to truly measure the success of a campaign.  Strategic measurements are especially important to track tactical moves.  With the combination of strategic and tactical components that Blue State Digital (BSD)  uses, results of strategical moves can be monitored, which are one the most important components to a social media campaign.

BSD uses its methods for political campaigns as well as for companies and organizations.  As we saw in the Lutz reading, the Obama campaign staff relied on tracking and success of strategies to find what worked.  BSD was in charge of that campaign, and the use of analytics and optimization are a key lesson to be learned from it.  Social media campaigns must use these tools to react and make on-the-go changes.  Without strategical measurements, a digital campaign cannot be as effective in monitoring the goal of the campaign.  This strategy can used for any digital media campaign, not just a political one.  Analytics are the most important component to a digital campaign, because without tracking, the success of a campaign is not as measurable and adjustments are harder to make.

Do you agree that analytics and optimization are among the most important components to a successful social media campaign? Also, how important do you believe it is to monitor success in digital campaigns other than those that are political?

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2 Responses to The Importance of Analytics in a Digital Campaign

  1. emnrich says:

    I definitely think that BSD and other digital campaign creators are important factors in political and other forms of campaigns. However, I think the weight they carry in measuring success of these campaigns should be carefully analyzed, as the importance we place on digital presence is quickly increasing. We need to remember the importance of the actual politician’s presence on the digital campaign and his involvement in it – not just the way in which it was created or its interactivity.

  2. macariav says:

    I think that you have some great insights and draw out some worthwhile points from the piece. I fully agree that analytics are essential to understanding the effectiveness of a political social media campaign. They allow the owners/ developers to determine what is effective and what is not. This then allows them to adjust and create a stronger campaign, that will hopefully advance their candidate. I also think that this is effective in non political ways. When I spent the summer as a social media intern I was constantly trying to think of new ways to post and studying our analytics to determine what was effective and what was not. You don’t want to continue to waste time on something if it is not effective. Great Post!

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