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Considering Cultural Difference in the Impact of Social Media Use

This class has begged the question of the usefulness of social media in social movements and revolutions. While it is apparent that the answer varies greatly depending upon whom and what is being moved upon, we tend to gauge social … Continue reading

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Can you really call it a revolution?

As recently discussed in class their is and has been speculation as to whether or not the use of social media is successful in promoting certain messages and increasing involvement. When somebody retweets an important message, is it actually improving the situation … Continue reading

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Comparing Revolutions and Social Media’s Role

After last week’s discussion of readings that were more skeptical of social media’s role, I wanted to keep an open mind as to how I felt about social media use in revolutions. Morozov argues that Twitter makes people believe they … Continue reading

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Is Social Media Helpful??

Recently, during class discussion, many people have held the belief that social media, such as YouTube and Twitter, is not an effective tool for social movements and revolutions. They have argued that these tools really do not make a difference … Continue reading

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The Arab Spring: Did social media really “revolutionize” the revolution?

This weeks readings centered around the Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, with a particular focus on how social media technology played a role in this unique revolution.  In Howard’s article The Upheavals in Egypt and Tunisia: The … Continue reading

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The Importance of “Social Influencers”

One common thread I found most interesting, mentioned by both Tufekci & Wilson, and Howard & Hussain, was about the importance of early adopters and social influencers in the process of “igniting” a social revolution in Egypt, specifically. Both sets … Continue reading

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Arab Spring and Social Media

The Arab Spring gave way for revolution in the Middle East for countries like Egypt and Tunisia. The revolution of social media has sparked a new information gateway for people all over the world, making it easier for people to … Continue reading

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