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Social Media Revolutions

            I have been an avid fan of social media for some time now.  I have used it for escapism, promote events, and create networks.  This small-scale usage of social media sites is nothing compared to … Continue reading

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Is Social Media More Useful Than We Think?

Throughout the course, I must say I’ve been rather skeptical of the ability that social networking sites and social media in general have to actually cause action to happen and organize people into fighting for a cause. I think, for … Continue reading

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Week Twelve Response: The positives and negatives of Twitter in the Iranian revolution

Since I tend to take a more pessimistic approach to social media I found the Gladwell and Morozov readings to be the most substantive of the four readings we had for this week. Both Gladwell and Morozov downplay the role … Continue reading

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Can Slacktivism Be Changed?

The question of these readings are, can uprisings be attributed to social media? While new media is substantive for change, and without it and new information through technology there would be no change at all, it cannot create a serious … Continue reading

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Modern Activism: Powered by Tools or Causes?

In this week’s readings, we are presented with somewhat conflicting ideas about the power that social media plays within contemporary Muslim media systems, using the Iranian protests and revolution in particular. The most important message that rings true throughout the … Continue reading

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Can one tweet make a difference?

Can one tweet make a difference? This weeks readings examined the innerworkings of how tweets and other “new media” sites are contributing to protests, uprisings and even further influencing political changes. These protests utilizing social media platforms are quite different … Continue reading

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Protests Aren’t Flashmobs

Analyzing the Morozov and Howard reading, we can reach two general conclusions: Without the internet, the ‘collectiveness’ of ‘collective action’ would be jeopardized, and the internet only supplements the awareness of protests, not begins them.    Examining the protests in … Continue reading

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