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The Internet: Good or Bad for a Democracy?

The emergence of the Internet has been accompanied by both negative and positive reactions in terms of its ability to create a democracy. On one hand, Barlow calls for the Internet to be a government-free space in ‘A Declaration of … Continue reading

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Digital Activism, Repressed

In repressive regimes, authorities have always sought to silence any opposition in any form.  As Simon Columbus discusses in “The New Casualties: Prisons and Persecution,” the Internet has provided activists with a new platform to voice such opposition, and hence, … Continue reading

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Online Activity and Civic Engagement Offline

Research regarding the role of SNS/Internet use within the political realm is primarily concerned with whether or not online activity can effectively promote offline activism. The researches we discussed this week made a number of contributions to this effort. However, … Continue reading

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A Mind of Our Own

Realizing the Social Internet? Online Social Networking Meets Offline Civic Engagement by Pasek, More, and Romer is a study about social networking sites (SNSs) and how they help or hurt users social capital.  Looking specifically at MySpace and Facebook and … Continue reading

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The World of Instant Information

From the finger-print unlocking iPhone 5S to amazing new tablet computers, our world is becoming ever more digital.  With technology expanding into the mobile sphere, more and more people are beginning to utilize the Internet on a wide variety of … Continue reading

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Digital Campaigning Platforms

In Measuring the Success of Digital Campaigns, David Karpf acknowledges that there are many more sites available on the Internet for users to express their ideas and engage in activist campaigns however, he questions whether these “platforms make our attempts … Continue reading

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The Fight to Operationalize

I relate the conversation about “slacktivism” to the philosophical question: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? As it pertains to the Internet, the spatial limitations up … Continue reading

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