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Obama for the Win

Howard Dean used the Internet in a novel way to gain support for his campaign. He pioneered the use of the Internet for fundraising, gathering volunteers, and spreading his campaign. Although he was successful at these aspects, his strategy to … Continue reading

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Similar Strategies, Different Results

Technological innovation has spurred a new era of social networking and communication. It is now utilized by most Americans who are on the internet, and is now an integral part of mass communication. In the realm of politics, the use … Continue reading

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Obama’s User-Driven Grassroots Organizing #FTW

The Internet is a fast and easy way to communicate. Interfaces like YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook have made the cyber world a social playground, making available the opportunity to share, converse, and collaborate. These social networking sites have established an … Continue reading

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Obama’s media machine: good or bad?

After reading and discussing the Dean campaign, President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign seems a politicians dream. His campaign executed everything that Dean’s tried to do and more. Obama’s campaign was a machine, but not in the typical sense. When I … Continue reading

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Candidates and their Profile Pages

Since technology and social media have become integrated in our everyday lives, presidential candidates have embraced that change and started using social media for their campaigns. Social networking sites, such as MySpace, YouTube and Facebook, does not only help candidates … Continue reading

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Social Media Management

Using social media sights have a split response in the effectiveness of the use of them for political campaigns. According to Gueorguieva, in “Voters, Myspace and Youtube”, benefits to social media use include: increasing the candidates’ exposure at a low … Continue reading

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Obama’s Game Changer

In Allison Slotnick’s “Friend the Present”, she connects politics and social media to each other, claiming that they are essentially the same. She continues, “It seems so simple once it is boiled down: both politics and Facebook are essentially dependent … Continue reading

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