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Obama Takes Grassroots Campaigning to the Internet

The Obama team took note of the mistakes made in previous Internet campaigns and used this knowledge to leverage support in a way that would result in victory.  Although Dean was the first to truly embrace this style of campaigning, … Continue reading

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You Win Some, You Lose Some

The readings for this week do a great job of explaining the ways in which President Obama used the internet and social media to enhance his campaign and ultimately win the presidency. By comparing these readings to last week’s reading … Continue reading

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Howard Dean and the Emergence of Internet Campaigns

In regards to Internet campaigns, Howard Dean was a pioneer in using the web to organize, finance and energize his political campaign in the 2004 presidential election. While Dean did not end up winning the election, the successes and failures … Continue reading

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Howard Dean Campaign Lessons

In The Real Lessons of Howard Dean: Reflections on the First Digital Campaign, Matthew Hindman found significant correlation between the snowball effect of early success (or failure) and determining a campaign’s real-world effectiveness.  This was evident in Dean’s failure during the … Continue reading

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The Dean Campaign’s Lack of Strategy for Success

            In Exiting Deanspace, Clay Shirky discusses how the use of Internet tools in Howard Dean’s campaign created the false sense of belief that the campaign had been going successfully.  The campaign heavily relied on the … Continue reading

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Howard Dean and Innovation

In his article “The Real Lessons of Howard Dean: Reflection on the First Digital Campaign”, Matthew Hindman describes the trials, successes, and tribulations of Howard Dean’s attempt at digitizing his 2004 presidential campaign.  Hindman argues that the Dean campaign “highlights … Continue reading

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The Curse of High Expectations

The best and worst thing about viral Internet growth is that you can double your size in a matter of days. This wild popularity of the Dean campaign sparked a movement, but its campaign management failed to ever achieve front-runner … Continue reading

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