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Effectiveness of Social Media

            There are many varying opinions regarding the effectiveness of social media as a contributor, catalyst, or direct cause of political, social, or economic revolutions. Some argue that social media facilitates revolutions through its ability to … Continue reading

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Online Campaigns

While online campaigns can have many advantages, there are also severaldisadvantages that can arise with the use of digital mediums as part of a campaignstrategy. As Geuorguieva discusses, online campaigning is a relatively low-costway of increasing name recognition amongst a … Continue reading

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New Media, Same Intention?

New age, new media, same (potential) byproducts? Is it possible that the rising use of Internet and social media sites can also come to be known as a medium that can help bring about world peace in much the same … Continue reading

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Morality of Information Gathering and Censorship

            Both Morozov’s The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom and Eli Praiser’s The Filter Bubble discuss aspects of internet usage, censorship, and data collection. Morozov addresses the issue of censorship, and whether or … Continue reading

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The Rise of Technology Culture

Turner’s discussion of the evolution of the personal computer in Taking the Whole World Digital prompts the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg? Was the technological change from governmental and educational based uses of computers to … Continue reading

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