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Pushing Weak Ties to the Side

The readings this week continued to build on the issue of how much social media helped in the Arab Spring.   While the readings last week centered around the use of Twitter in “Iran’s Twitter Revolution,” this week’s focus is on … Continue reading

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Nielson vs. Lutz

In Nielson’s “Mundane Internet Tools, Mobilizing Practices, and the Coproduction of Citizenship in Political Campaigns”, he seeks to explain which Internet practices are most useful to a campaign.  Neilson’s argument is that “when it comes to mobilization, mundane internet tools … Continue reading

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Dean’s Tactically Ran Campaign

Howard Dean’s campaign for the Democratic nominee in the 2004 presidential campaign marks the start of studying how Internet can be used in political campaigns (Hindman p.127).  Dean’s campaign introduced this method of an interactive website by allowing user generated … Continue reading

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Differences after the Growth of Facebook and Twitter

The readings this week focus on if social media use promotes a democracy by encouraging social capital and about being strategically successful for new activist campaigns.  Social capital can be evaluated by the amount of civic participation, political knowledge and … Continue reading

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Week 3: The Absence of Social Pressure

This morning on Ellen, I saw the perfect example of one of the main points of discussion for Clay Shirky’s “Here Comes Everybody”.  Shirky explains that group formation has become easier and faster with the use of new media today.

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