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Wk. 14 – Gladwell, Morozov & Springborg

At the center of this week’s readings is the question of what contribution, if any, technology might offer to the emergence and success of social movements. Can social movements flourish – and flourish to the point of overthrowing authoritarian regimes … Continue reading

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Week 12 – Gladwell and Morozov

If the readings in past weeks for the most part built up the importance of social media, this week’s readings by Gladwell and Morozov more so than not tear it down. Malcolm Gladwell, writing on the history of social activism … Continue reading

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Week 9

Whereas last week’s readings demonstrated that Howard Dean’s campaigns seemed to have substance but lacked strategy and purpose, this week’s readings angle toward strategy in the use of social media by President Obama. YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and blogs like the … Continue reading

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Week 7 – Barlow, Druckman et al., Bimber & Davis

The advent of online communication not only offered a new tool for one to reach many — in particular, for politicians to impart messages to the public. It also, as the authors of this week’s readings detail, inaugurated a wholly … Continue reading

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Week 5 – Pasek, Karpf & Glaisyer

This week’s reading seek to disprove the notion that the rise of social media leads to greater civic engagement and collective action. Pasek and colleagues, Karpf and Glaisyer instead arrgue that social media are instead only tools that render collective … Continue reading

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