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Week 14

The readings for this week are outlining how the international community, specifically the American government could impact the change to democracy abroad. Cohn is bringing attention to the fact that is deciding to channel its efforts to various social … Continue reading

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Week 13

It is interesting to see that one of the Lotan et. al. conclusions is that during a volatile event, individuals are more likely to be trusted than organizations. How does this theory fare with the past theorists that we have … Continue reading

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Week 12 Post

This weeks readings really took a turn to bash social media, and specifically Twitter. Both readings by Gladwell and Morozov talk about the Iranian Revolution and a few other movements because Twitter is getting a lot of credit for the … Continue reading

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Week 11

Kurzman and Snow bring up important theories that can be applied to current social media networks. Snow goes over the recruitment process and these specific people that are drawn to social movement organizations. Kurzman compares two theories called structural opportunity … Continue reading

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Week 9

We have learned a lot about the history of social media and how everything was created. Last week we learned about the Howard Dean campaign and how it was very successful in putting up numbers using social media but there … Continue reading

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Week 7 Post

This week’s readings both discuss the history of the Internet’s influence on political campaigns. Bimber & Davis, along with Druckman et al. both look at the evolution of the Internet and especially how they were going to reach more voters … Continue reading

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Week 6

Through this idea of social media, we are sometimes thrown back to the same reoccurring problems. The theme of “Old Social Media” of this week is showing us the development of these communication tools. Standage’s chapters 5,6 and 9 are … Continue reading

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