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Bulletin Board…Xerox…Twitter?

In the readings by Morozov and Gladwell, the role of social media in the Iranian revolution  is discussed and questioned. Did twitter truly spark a revolution in a country that long had government controlled media brainwashing its people, or was … Continue reading

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The Nature of Change: Iranians and Americans

‘How is this movement going to help me?’ This is the question that appears to be at the core of all social movements. Naturally, it makes sense that people gravitate to a situation thats appears on the surface level will … Continue reading

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Obama’s Campaign: Keeping the Social Media Lead

Barack Obama’s 2008 Campaign for Presidency represented a fundamental shift in the ways that online media can play a role in a political campaign. It is clear through the readings that Barack Obama dominated John McCain in all facets of … Continue reading

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A Sea of Change

The telegraph could be, as primitive as it may be, the most important development to mass communication ever. The telegraph allowed communication to occur for the first time without the help of transportation. Despite the obvious differences between the telegraph … Continue reading

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Come On and Take a Free Ride

As we grow up, one of the things we are all taught is that “nothing in life is free”.  Naturally, when something appears to be available with no additional costs, it is human nature to take advantage. In Smart Mobs, Howard … Continue reading

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Counterculture of Convenience

The counterculture of the late 1960’s is credited as being a major contributor in the rise of the computer and new media landscape. The computer blossoming into a device that can be used by everyday Americans gave it a sense … Continue reading

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