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The Development of Activist Technology

In his article entitled “Political Factors: Digital Activism in Closed and Open Societies,” Tom Glaisyer discusses the role of social media in political and governmental activism. In particular, he touches on the efforts of several regimes and their successes (or … Continue reading

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The Digital Divide and Social Media Content

In a study about political campaigns and their use of social media, Hernson, Stokes-Brown, and Hindman begin by tracing the origins of new technology in campaigns. They explain Howard Dean’s smoke-and-mirror use of technology that eventually exposed his shortcomings as … Continue reading

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In her article “Demystifying the Arab Spring,” Lisa Anderson describes the false concept that the Arab Spring uprisings across the Middle East are all connected by similarities. She explains how the revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya were all rooted … Continue reading

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Week 8 – Dean Campaign

Howard Dean’s campaign for presidency was doomed right when his staff decided to use the Internet. His campaign used statistics and numbers that were often skewed or misrepresented, which happens a lot in politics. However, his camp began to believe … Continue reading

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