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Week 13

In this week’s readings, Anderson, Haas, and Kinsman all express belief that the role of social media in revolution is overrated.  In “Demystifying Arab Spring”, Anderson explains that the widespread share of information that leads to revolutions and social movements … Continue reading

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Week 10

In this week’s reading, Nielsen argues that people use specific Internet tools for specific reasons, and different tools accomplish different goals. He mentions three general categories under which Internet tools fall: mundane, emerging, and specialized. Nielsen uses email as an … Continue reading

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Week 8 blog post

In “Exiting Deanspace”, Shirky explains that the questions surrounding the Dean campaign should not focus on how he lost the lead, but instead on why people believed the Dean campaign was in the lead to begin with. He mentions two … Continue reading

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week 6

In this week’s reading, Standage reviews the history of the telegraph, including a discussion not only of its impact on the spread of information but on how this spread of information had both positive and negative effects. When the telegraph … Continue reading

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Week 4

In The Filter Bubble, Pariser makes the claim that we have entered the “era of personalization” on the Internet, and that this personalization is hindering our ability to find new information and ideas. This personalization seems appealing because there is … Continue reading

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Week 2

In Chapter 1 of Here Comes Everybody, Shirky claims that as humans, one of our basic social motives is to accomplish things by way of groups. Thus, without realization, most of our everyday tasks and a majority of our bigger … Continue reading

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