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I am a young, enthusiastic writer and HCLF vegan cook that is new to the blogging world. I enjoy volunteering at my church, singing, traveling to Spanish speaking countries, eating healthy, doing any form of exercise, riding horses, reading fantasy/sci-fi novels, and playing Final Fantasy on my PS3.

Where is the Egyptian voice and experience in the use of social media in political activism within Egypt?

Last week the Elthman and Burns’ article explored the importance of Twitter during the 2009 election in Iran, how different political actors and protestors used the social media site and how political actors responded to its use. While other theorists … Continue reading

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Are Web Firms Like Blue State Digital a New Political Necessity?

While many researchers focus on which candidates and how candidates use social media in their campaigns, it is more important to look behind the scenes at how companies like Blue State Digital are affecting political campaigns. Scola says Blue State … Continue reading

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Does Howard Dean Create the Democratic Strategy for Digital Campaigning?

Hindman highlights the contributions that Howard Dean’s digital campaign brought to political science views on primary campaigns in his article, The Real Lessons of Howard Dean. Earlier research by Glaiser indicated that strategical measurements hold more importance in political campaigning … Continue reading

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Online Political Activism: Effective or Not?

In the article, “Measuring the Success of Digital Campaigns” Karpf discusses the tactical and strategic measurements of success with political activism online. Karpf argues that strategic measurements, or qualitative measurements, are better indicators, because they measure the overall quality of … Continue reading

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How dangerously easy are online social tools to use for building communities?

Shirky argues that online social tools are solving the dilemma of decreased social capitol by allowing groups of people to easily connect based on similar interests. Shirky demonstrates how this can be both positive and negative. Shirky offers the examples … Continue reading

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