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Week 10

As the Internet continues to become a more significant part of society, Internet tools are being increasingly utilized to create effective campaigns.  As we’ve learned from presidential campaigns, like Obama’s, the Internet and social media have the potential to play … Continue reading

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Week 8

Clay Shirky analyzes and discusses how Howard Dean’s “successful” campaign was not actually successful at all.  He explains that even though he used a multi-faceted campaign, raised a significant amount of money, and got a lot of attention, his “success” … Continue reading

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Week Six

Based on this week’s readings and by observing the media landscape around us, it is evident that changes in technology are very significant. In chapter five of his book, Standage discusses the development of early telegraphy.  He explains that, just … Continue reading

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Week Four

While the Internet has the ability to democratize and inform the public, new personalization features are threatening and destroying this potential.  In his introduction of The Filter Bubble, Eli Pariser explains that an invisible revolution is occurring in the way … Continue reading

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Week 2

Counterculture has, ironically, played a key role in the development and history of prominent aspects of mainstream culture—the Internet and computing.  Although some may refuse to believe that the Internet and early computing were developed in the midst of and … Continue reading

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