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Was Social Media an Important Factor in the Arab Spring Uprisings?

Beginning in 2011, massive public demonstrations began to appear throughout the Arab world, which are now collectively referred to as the Arab Spring. Quickly following the demonstrations, the notion that social networks played a key role in the uprisings became … Continue reading

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The Role of Social Media in Lower-level Elections

As the Internet increasingly becomes integrated into the campaigns for Presidential elections, the impact of the Internet on lower-level elections becomes an interesting question. In Campaign Politics and the Digital Divide, Herrnson, Stokes-Brown and Hindman examine factors that influence what candidates … Continue reading

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Howard Dean and the Emergence of Internet Campaigns

In regards to Internet campaigns, Howard Dean was a pioneer in using the web to organize, finance and energize his political campaign in the 2004 presidential election. While Dean did not end up winning the election, the successes and failures … Continue reading

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The Internet: Good or Bad for a Democracy?

The emergence of the Internet has been accompanied by both negative and positive reactions in terms of its ability to create a democracy. On one hand, Barlow calls for the Internet to be a government-free space in ‘A Declaration of … Continue reading

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The Internet: Bringing Together New Communities of People

The emergence of new communication technologies, including the mobile phone and the Internet, has greatly influenced the way people interact in day-to-day life. Endless information is now available at peoples’ fingertips, with search engines like Google allowing people to sift … Continue reading

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