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Week 13

This week’s readings highlight the extent to which social media platforms can be effective in organizing revolts. Specifically, though, the articles pertained to “Arab Spring”, a revolutionary wave of protests that occurred in the Middle East in the spring of … Continue reading

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Week 10

This week’s reading focuses on Internet tools that are utilized to create effective campaigns. However, different from what has been previously discussed, the articles from this week do not highlight “emerging tools”, such as social networking sites, as the most … Continue reading

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Week 8- Howard Dean

This week’s readings focused on the revelation of campaigning using Internet and social media tactics. Specifically, they explained the ways in which Howard Dean used the web to “organize, invigorate, and finance his campaign” (Hindman); however, the articles decipher that … Continue reading

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Week 6

For this week’s readings, the topic was related to new technologies that surfaced in an older time period. Specifically, the chapters from Standage’s book, The Victorian Internet, discuss the invention of the telegraph, explaining some of its positive and negative … Continue reading

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Week 4

In Eli Pariser’s book, The Filter Bubble, he establishes what he calls the personalization of the Internet. From a business perspective, he introduces the content of the book by saying that, “the Internet giants’ formula is simple: The more personally … Continue reading

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Week 2

Contrast to what society may believe, the earliest forms of development in computer technology stemmed from countercultural beliefs. Specifically, in the 1970s, computers were marketed as devices that could “tear down bureaucracies and achieve individual intellectual freedom.” While countercultural groups … Continue reading

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