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Week Twelve Response: The positives and negatives of Twitter in the Iranian revolution

Since I tend to take a more pessimistic approach to social media I found the Gladwell and Morozov readings to be the most substantive of the four readings we had for this week. Both Gladwell and Morozov downplay the role … Continue reading

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Political Advertising, Social media and the Internet

Online political advertising has evolved along with social media. In his article, Vassia Gueorguieva writes about how candidates in the 2006 election used the two biggest social media sites at the time (Myspace and Youtube) to great effect. Gueorguieva discusses … Continue reading

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Pariser and Morozov readings

The two readings for this week have much to say about media and its impacts on our lives. In chapter two of “The Filter Bubble” Eli Pariser outlines the new Internet developments brought about by the brilliant minds of Jeff … Continue reading

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