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Arab Spring and Social Media

The Arab Spring gave way for revolution in the Middle East for countries like Egypt and Tunisia. The revolution of social media has sparked a new information gateway for people all over the world, making it easier for people to … Continue reading

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Emerging Social Media in Political Campaigns

This weeks readings focused largely on the impact that social networking sites have on political campaigns. In the 2008 election, Barack Obama largely employed social media such as Facebook to further his messages to the public (Steinhauer). Obama had a … Continue reading

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The Importance of Internet in Campaigning

This week’s readings emphasized the importance of online campaigning, especially in terms of rallying support and votes for candidates running for office. Prior to the Internet, people of different geographical locations were not able to interact and correspond with one … Continue reading

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Social Networking and Political Campaigns

Online social networking has become a key ingredient in social capital, especially when launching a political campaign to endorse either a political issue or even a political candidate. Facebook and Twitter have become, in the modern era, very influential in … Continue reading

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Social Capital and Cyberspace

Social capital, as described by Shirky in Chapter 8, is when people interact together, resulting in more earning potential and happiness. This social capital, in today’s technological society, comes in the form of an alternate reality, cyberspace. And although cyberspace … Continue reading

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