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Week 14 – Emily Thibodeau

Both Cohn and Abdo explore American international politics.  Cohn’s news article “State Department Shifts Resources to Social Media” discusses how the white house abandoned in favor of reaching out to the people via social media.  Projects such as the … Continue reading

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Week 13 Question – Emily Thibodeau

Zhuo and Kinsman both believe Twitter enabled some aspects of the recent revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. But it is also of note that only some members of these societies had internet access at all, in the case of Egypt – most … Continue reading

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Week 12 – Emily Thibodeau

Morozov and  Gladwee both agree that social media is not enough to drive a revolution, Morozov detailing the limits within nations where revolutions are desired and Gladwell highlighting problems with the technology itself. Morozov contends that the Iranian twitter revolution did not work because the government … Continue reading

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Week 11 – Emily Thibodeau

Snow’s “Social Networks & Social Movements: A Microstructural Approach to Differential Recruitment” focuses on why some people are recruited into organizations versus others. He argues that proximity, availability, and interaction with members impacts movement members recruitment. While social ties are important … Continue reading

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Week 10 – Emily Thibodeau

Steinhauer details how Republicans have started using Twitter as a weapon against Democratic politicians and their claims and the Blue State Digital Capabilities Overview discusses how the agency that helped Obama get elected assists it clients. Based on these two readings, the … Continue reading

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Week 9 – Emily Thibodeau

Slotnick stresses the powerful uses of social networking sites in campaigns, while Gueorguieva doubts their relative power compared to other campaigning strategies. In “‘Friend’ The President”, Slotnick discusses how an authentic use of social networking sites can have great results for candidates. While many … Continue reading

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Week 8 – Emily Thibodeau

Shirky and Trippi’s investigation of the Dean campaign presents two different pictures of the campaign, an outsiders and an insider’s perspective, but both clearly note instances which were detrimental to Dean’s success. Firstly, Shirky examines how the public perception of Dean’s lead came … Continue reading

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