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Week 7 – Emily Thibodeau

Druckman discusses the use and evolution of political candidate’s websites, finding that almost all candidates use websites and they studied 444 sites.  Candidates have to make many decisions on how to format and utilize their website. Druckman found that 43% … Continue reading

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Week 6 – Emily Thibodeau

Despite numerous setbacks, the advancement of telegraph communication led to a long lasting change in global understanding. In chapter 5, the process towards installing the transatlantic telegraph is detailed. It is essentially a comedy of errors that consistently derail the telegraph. However, … Continue reading

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Week 5

Combining  Karpf’s arguments for using tactical and strategic measures of digital campaign success could be effective in helping both open and closed societies activists and governments create more effective messages than those cited in Glaisyer. In Karpf’s “Measuring the Success … Continue reading

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Week 4

This week’s reading from Morozov greatly contrasted Shirky’s Chapter 7 in that Shirky discusses the benefits of social media in attracting and affecting crowds actions and beliefs towards events and causes and Morozov discusses the reality of media in authoritarian … Continue reading

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Week 3

Chapter 8 of Shirky’s ‘Here Comes Everybody’, “Solving Social Dilemmas”, discusses many of the problems that exist in modern American society. People have become less likely to participate in group activities, and there is a fear that the intangible social … Continue reading

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Week 2: Scholz & Turner

Scholz’s “Infrastructure: Its Transformation and Effect on Digital Activism” summarizes some of the milestones that transformed the internet from a military information sharing tool (ARPAnet) to the modern world wide web. Particularly, Turner discusses the ways in which commercialism can … Continue reading

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