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Citizens As Journalists During the Arab Spring

The impact of social media on the Arab Spring was undeniable. As totalitarian governments restricted personal communication between their citizens, social media gave citizens an outlet to express their discontent with the government and connect with others over their grievances. … Continue reading

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Mundane v. Emerging Internet Tools and Political Mobilization

In Nielsen’s study Mundane Internet Tools, Mobilizing Practices, and the Coproduction of Citizenship in Political Campaigns, Nielsen breaks down various Internet campaigning tools into three categories. Mundane tools are those that are used every day, including e-mail, search engines, and … Continue reading

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The Downfalls of Howard Dean’s Campaign

One advantage of the Internet is its ability to connect people to their government. This was evident in Howard Dean’s 2003 campaign, during which Dean raised a ton of money and obtained what was perceived as massive support through the … Continue reading

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The Relative Impact of Social Media on Society

The term “slactivism” gets thrown around in regards to the impact of social media on politics and society. Some argue that this click-to-cure mentality, in which people think that liking or sharing a Facebook post is sufficient civil engagement. While … Continue reading

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Implications of “The Shadow of the Future”

There is an undoubted connection between forward thinking and technology. A less obvious relationship, however, is that between these two concepts and human relationships. According to Robert Axelrod, “the shadow of the future” is the notion that people help others … Continue reading

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