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The Twitter Sphere

In the article titled “Twitter Free Iran: An Evaluation of Twitter’s Role in Public Diplomacy and Information Operations in Iran’s 2009 Election Crisis” Burns and Eltham talk to the readers about the increasing use of twitter within the past five … Continue reading

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Is slacktivism undermining the 2012 Obama campaign?

In the article titled the Social Pulpit, Lutz states that in the 2008 campaign, Obama used social media such as You Tube to reach people from all over the United States in order to promote his politics.  Morozov, however, talks … Continue reading

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The Telegraph and Its Implications

It was two years ago when t-mobile’s network went down for an entire day.  Customers were forced into a world of darkness where they were not able to reach family members or get important messages to others.  As Standage pointed … Continue reading

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A middle ground between Authoritarian and Democratic media/ Week 4

         In the reading titled The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom, Morozov speaks about the ideas of Markus Prior.  Prior tells readers that in the past, citizens in the west listened about politics on … Continue reading

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The new campaign?

Politics today seems to be the same battle every four years.  As November nears, Americans watch countless attack advertisements on Presidential opponents.  The lack of structural change in these attack campaigns has caused many viewers to tune out what each … Continue reading

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