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Worshiping Social Media

This week’s readings seemed to comment on the notion that we, as citizens, give today’s new Internet technologies far too much praise than they deserve.  We are so captivated by them (and what we believe they can help us achieve) … Continue reading

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A High Risk Revolution

Morozov’s article, “Iran: Downside to the Twitter Revolution,” discusses the important activist role Twitter is capable of but addresses the fact that it is only useful under certain circumstances.  He claims that “understanding how the Internet fits a particular political … Continue reading

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Obama Takes Grassroots Campaigning to the Internet

The Obama team took note of the mistakes made in previous Internet campaigns and used this knowledge to leverage support in a way that would result in victory.  Although Dean was the first to truly embrace this style of campaigning, … Continue reading

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Communication Systems Through the Ages

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are truly revolutionary systems of communication and receive sufficient recognition as such.  However the general public has become so accustomed to them, that they have become blind to many of these systems potentially … Continue reading

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Personalization & The Filter Bubble

Because of the influx in available information on the Internet, it seems inevitable and necessary that a system would eventually be created to better help people find what they need while simultaneously streamlining advertising based on their observed interests. While … Continue reading

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