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Can we employ digital media to drive protests?

After studying the social-movements in the Arab world, I believe that social networks were partially responsible for the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. In the journal “Role of the Digital Media” Phillip N. Howard and Muzammil M. Hussain illustrate how … Continue reading

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New Media in Presidential Elections: Beneficial or Damaging?

In “Republicans Embrace Twitter Hard for’12” Jennifer Steinhauer investigates how new media technology has shaped message sending in presidential elections. Specifically, she studies how Republicans have affected politics with insta-Tweets about Obama.  Obama’s 2008 campaign “masterfully capitalized” on social media … Continue reading

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Dean Campaign: Should candidates stick to traditional campaign styles?

In Here Comes Everybody, Shirky theorizes about how “[w]e now have communications that are flexible enough to match our social capabilities, and we are witnessing the rise of new ways of coordinating action that take advantage of that change”  (20).  … Continue reading

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Social Networking Sites and User Engagement

In “Realizing the Social Internet? Online Social Networking Meets Offline Civic Engagement.” Pase, More, and Romer studied online social networking sites, Myspace and Facebook, to see if these sites facilitated or hindered social capital (1).  Before reading the study, I … Continue reading

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The Future of Coordinating Group Activity

When reading Chapter 8 of Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody, I was particularly interested in how driving collective action and coordinating group activity can be destructive and cause social dilemmas instead of solutions. I thought Shirky’s discussion about how social gatherings … Continue reading

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