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Jamie Schwarz: Week 14

I’m going to go out on a limb with my argument this week because honestly I feel very confused by all of the material that we have had to read throughout this course. One author tells us that social networking … Continue reading

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Week 12 Schwarz

This week focuses on a different subject than we have been studying; how the internet (most specifically Twitter) isn’t quite the powerhouse that people assume that it is. Morozov and Gladwell both provide compelling arguments as to how the public … Continue reading

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Week 11: Jamie Schwarz

This week’s readings focused on how social movements are able to take shape in terms of finding vulnerability of the government or organizational structure. We learned that a movement relies heavily on the organization and recruitment strategies because these strategies … Continue reading

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Week 10

This week’s articles relate a lot to the ideas that we have covered thus far in the class. Both Steinhauer and Herrnson et al discuss the differences in social media users based on their political party affiliation or other demographic … Continue reading

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Week 9 Jamie Schwarz

After reading the study by¬†Hargittai/Shaw and the piece by Gueprguieva I found that they synthesized a number of arguments about the impact of internet use on campaigns. One argument that I developed after reading is that the internet is virtually … Continue reading

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Week 8- Jamie Schwarz

I chose to read the Shirky piece first because I have enjoyed the readings by him in the past and I think that his opinion jaded me from being able to read the other pieces with an open mind. By … Continue reading

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Week 6: Jamie Schwarz

The Katz reading highlighted a number of concepts that have been covered throughout comm courses I have taken in the past. The conclusion started with the sentence, “Opinion leaders and the people whom they influence are very much alike¬†and typically … Continue reading

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