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Protests Aren’t Flashmobs

Analyzing the Morozov and Howard reading, we can reach two general conclusions: Without the internet, the ‘collectiveness’ of ‘collective action’ would be jeopardized, and the internet only supplements the awareness of protests, not begins them.    Examining the protests in … Continue reading

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Relevance, Persistence, and Engagement.

Relevance, Persistence, and Engagement are the three essential factors that landed President Obama in the White House.  Within the Lutz reading, we are taken on an in depth analysis and breakdown of how Obama not only utilized social media and … Continue reading

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The Price of Kangaroo Leather from Borneo

Comparing the three chapters of Standage’s work on The Victorian Internet, I was enlightened on not only the history of the telegraph, the substantial impact it made on global communication, and the competition and conglomeration between the telegraph and newspaper, … Continue reading

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How Personal is ‘Too Personal’?

Until this reading, I wasn’t nearly as informed on how all of the ads on search engines just so happen to be my preferred online shopping websites.  Fascinating though alarming at the same time, the personalization of technology has been … Continue reading

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Rising Above Traditionalism

As I read further into the Turner article, I soon began to piece together the fundamentals of social media.  Relating modern day online communication to the counter-culture era of the 60s and 70s, Stewart Brand and his Whole Earth Catalog … Continue reading

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