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Social media’s role in revolutions

I found Morozov’s points in his short piece this week fairly inane.  He discusses how quotes are now qualified with the medium they came in, but this isn’t a new phenomenon. In newspaper articles and television news, reporters always qualify … Continue reading

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Motivations of activists: strong vs. weak ties

Many complain about how our generation doesn’t care about change, or activism. The reality is that we’re involved in many movements, but just not in the same way as our parents. As Gladwell discusses in his article in The New … Continue reading

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Obama’s media machine: good or bad?

After reading and discussing the Dean campaign, President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign seems a politicians dream. His campaign executed everything that Dean’s tried to do and more. Obama’s campaign was a machine, but not in the typical sense. When I … Continue reading

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How do they compare? Telegraph vs. Internet

The main takeaway from Standage’s writing was how far communication has come.  In today’s world we don’t have to think twice about sending a message instantly to the other side of the world, and news from far away countries is … Continue reading

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The filtered world

Pariser starts his argument by defining the meaning behind the title of his book. The filter bubble is the tiny world everyone has willingly or unwillingly created for themselves through their media choices.  This bubble changes with almost every click … Continue reading

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