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Comparing Revolutions and Social Media’s Role

After last week’s discussion of readings that were more skeptical of social media’s role, I wanted to keep an open mind as to how I felt about social media use in revolutions. Morozov argues that Twitter makes people believe they … Continue reading

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The Importance of Analytics in a Digital Campaign

Social media seems to have a pretty significant effect on political campaigning, as we have now learned about in several ways. It’s an efficient and cost-efficient method to spread awareness, but it must be monitored and tracked for its ability … Continue reading

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Online Campaigns and Slacktivists

With the development of the Internet, there emerged a big push in online campaign efforts, as we saw with Howard Dean.  The incredible power of the Internet can change a candidate’s profile and bring them to light.  Howard Dean was … Continue reading

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Utopian vs. Dystopian Social Media Perspectives

For this week’s readings, it was interesting to see the benefits of social media in a political situation. Pasek’s study found that Internet use for information was positively related to both civic engagement and political knowledge (14). This study provides some … Continue reading

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Mobile Communication and Political Involvement

For this week’s reading, there seemed to be an overlap in the ideas that the authors had on the efficiency that mobile communication brings for organization. Although both negative and positive sides were offered, each author poses that social dilemmas … Continue reading

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