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The Promise and Pitfalls of Social Media in American Elections

Throughout our readings we have seen how social media can be an effective medium for transmitting messages of social change and involvement. But time and again we have seen that these tools are only vessels for transmitting a message, not … Continue reading

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Revolution and Limits on the Twitterverse

This week’s reading focuses on Iran’s 2009 protests and the role played by social media. Howard’s article examines the role of social media and questions its actual ability to effect change. Social and mobile media have played major roles in … Continue reading

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Media Management and the 47%

In his paper, Lutz outlines the individual social media interactions in the way they were hyped by much of the media and the Obama campaign itself. His portrayal acknowledges the new frontier pioneered by the campaign, capitalizing on successes of … Continue reading

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The Telegraph, The Internet, and Paid Media

The advancements made due to the creation of a trans-Atlantic telegraph mirror those at the later advent of the internet. For the first time, messages were able to travel at what was then considered to be a reasonable pace. Messages … Continue reading

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From Open Access to Profit Margins

Eli Paiser’s The Filter Bubble outlines the complex algorithms and systems with determine the content users see on the internet. From Google’s PageRank which decides if you’ll see Seal the singer or a seal cub, to Facebook’s Edgerank which number … Continue reading

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Technological Progress and Collective Action

Even from the field’s earliest days, developments in computer science have served to increase cooperation and shared knowledge. This week’s Turner reading discussed the influence of the commune lifestyle on early computer scientists. They were influenced by the spirit of … Continue reading

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