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Revolts in the Arab World

Anderson’s reading regarding the Arab Spring introduced and explained the reasons behind as well as the execution of many of the happenings in the Arab world in 2011.  She detailed the differences between what happened in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya … Continue reading

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Problems with Twitter

The article in the New York Times regarding the increasing use of social media, especially for republicans, for this year’s campaign as compared to previous years.  The article explains how republicans have placed much more value on social media tools … Continue reading

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Dean and Social Capital

This week’s readings about the Dean campaign were very interesting, as it is a topic I really have not explored or learned about before.  Howard Dean’s use of the Internet for his campaign in the 2004 election proved to be … Continue reading

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Digital Activism Around the World

This week’s reading by Glaisyer, “Political Factors: Digital Activism in Closed and Open Societies,” was a unique analysis and discussion of different types of governments around the world and how political activism through the Internet is viewed, utilized, and censored.  … Continue reading

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Social Capital and the Effectiveness of Groups

One of the aspects of Shirky’s chapter 8 that interested me the most this week was the discussion of social capital and its decline, and how this lead people to think about the Internet as a potential solution.  Social capital … Continue reading

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