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The Arab Spring: Did social media really “revolutionize” the revolution?

This weeks readings centered around the Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, with a particular focus on how social media technology played a role in this unique revolution.  In Howard’s article The Upheavals in Egypt and Tunisia: The … Continue reading

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Essential Considerations in Online Campaigns

This week’s reading focused specifically on how different candidates have utilized online social networks and other emerging online media in their campaigns in recent elections.  The TechPresident reading by Scola discusses the details of how Blue State Digital—a firm that … Continue reading

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Internet Campaign Illusions

Two of this weeks reading by Trippi and Shirky discuss Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign.  Trippi explains a great deal of the intricacies of the campaign, especially their move to utilize the Internet as a resource, especially blogs.  Shirky, however, discusses … Continue reading

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What is your social network really worth?

In this weeks’ reading, Realizing the Social Internet? Online Social Networking Meets Offline Social Capital, Pasek et al. discuss research that looks at how interactions online translate to knowledge offline.  By looking at three specific variables (predicting civic engagement, political … Continue reading

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Need for collaboration

Throughout Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody, it is clear that he wishes to emphasize the importance of collaboration in order truly utilize the potential of the Internet and social networking.  More specifically, in his chapter Faster and Faster, Shirky begins to … Continue reading

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