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Can you really call it a revolution?

As recently discussed in class their is and has beenĀ speculationĀ as to whether or not the use of social media is successful in promoting certain messages and increasing involvement. When somebody retweets an important message, is it actually improving the situation … Continue reading

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Measuring Success in Social Media

The emergence of social media has provided business, organizations, and politic groups with a cost effective and powerful marketing resource. It allows users to post instantaneously and personalize their campaigns with ease; and while social media provides users with an … Continue reading

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Does the internet favor liberals?

In the article, The Real Lessons of Howard Dean, Matthew Hindman discusses the importance of who was actually using the internet in 2004. He outlines that while the internet was readily available to all, their were patterns in not only … Continue reading

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Online Communities and Culture

In the study assigned this week by Pasek, More, and Romer the three researchers looked to understand the differences in social networking sites and how these cultural differences effect types and strength of political involvement, particularly social capital (1). Their … Continue reading

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