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In Demystifying the Arab Spring by Lisa Anderson, she immediately makes the claim that the internet was not to receive credit in the events surrounding the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. She provides evidence for this by comparing the … Continue reading

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The Dean Campaign

In Hindman’s reading on the Dean campaign, he highlights two important theories that affected the success of Dean’s campaign: liberals are more active in visiting political sites on the internet even though there are an equal number of liberals and … Continue reading

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Toward an Intellectual Middle Ground

In “Measuring the Success of Digital Campaigns” by Karpf, he discusses, first, how Twitter works and how influential certain users may be. He first explains how to utilize Twitter and what goals users should have (retweets and obtaining followers). He … Continue reading

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Towards a Digital Utopia

In Rheingold’s Chapter 2, he discusses at length the idea of Collective Action Problems. A collective action problem arises when a group would benefit from acting collectively (the action being impossible for an individual to take on alone) but action … Continue reading

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