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Weak Tweets

The message in these readings is that social media sites are not capable of creating revolution, which seems somewhat kind of obvious after reading them. Anything put up on Twitter or Facebook can be found by the government. It does … Continue reading

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The Social Media-ist

The Internet has been, and will increasingly be, an important source for political news for people of all ages. Specifically, social networking sites are becoming more and more critical to both candidates and voters alike. Such sites as YouTube, MySpace, … Continue reading

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Privacy Uncensored

In The Net Delusion, Morozov discusses a somewhat counter-intuitive phenomenon. One would expect that people oppressed by an authoritarian government would seek change, and in the 21st century the Internet is the best place to make change happen. So why then … Continue reading

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Hacking Away

In the Turner reading, “From Counterculture to Cyperculture” he spends a lot of time discussing the relationship of the counterculture to the mainstream and how this relationship fostered the communicative growth of the Internet and computers. Without the communal attitudes … Continue reading

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