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Timing Leads to Collective Unrest in the Arab Spring

The spread of information is not a new phenomenon, as Anderson (2011) states when describing how news expands globally. However, the techniques by which the spread occurs has changed recently, and the impact of this new mechanism of sharing information … Continue reading

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Strategy Continues to Prevail

There exists a parallel between an increase in internet usage for both presidential candidates as well as those running for lesser office, albeit the latter to a slightly lesser extent. Campaigning efforts during the 2008 presidential election used not only … Continue reading

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How a Failed Attempt at Success Started a New Digital Movement

The Howard Dean Campaign during the 2004 Presidential Election was one of the first elections where a candidate utilized the internet to garner a diverse range of supporters. According to “Reflections on the First Digital Campaign,” by Matthew Hindman, a … Continue reading

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Strategies to Cater Towards the Individual Within the Collective Group

The past decade has led to the expansion of digital media and even more specifically, the creation of multiple social media sites. With the advancement of this technology, simple communication has been transformed through the digital world. Individuals are now … Continue reading

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Is Two (or more) Better than One?

The readings this week touch upon the subject of collective action. Groups often do work better to provide us with more information and aim to be both broad and specific. In Chapter 8 of Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody, we learn … Continue reading

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