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Is Social Media Really All That?

Throughout the semester, we have discussed the capabilities and reach of social media and what the Internet has to offer.  From local campaigns to global social movements, we have learned that social media and the Internet can provide a reliable … Continue reading

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Authenticity of Political Figures in the Age of Digital Media

Recently, we’ve read many articles and much information regarding the increased use of social media within the realm of politics.  It is absolutely incredible how far the practice of campaigning has come – from its traditional means of speeches and … Continue reading

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Howard Dean and Innovation

In his article “The Real Lessons of Howard Dean: Reflection on the First Digital Campaign”, Matthew Hindman describes the trials, successes, and tribulations of Howard Dean’s attempt at digitizing his 2004 presidential campaign.  Hindman argues that the Dean campaign “highlights … Continue reading

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Does any presence count as good presence?

In Pasek, et. al’s “Realizing the Social Internet? Online Social Networking Meets Offline Civic Engagement”, the authors perform research on the hypothesis that “website use induces a site-specific culture that can either encourage or hinder social capital” (Pasek et. al … Continue reading

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The Shadow of the Future: Computers changing the way we live

Based on Shirky’s and Rheingold’s interpretations of social cooperation in today’s environment, I cannot help but be convinced that our strives and means subconsciously loop through the ideas of social construction of technology [SCOT] and technological determinism, but lean toward … Continue reading

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