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The Arab Spring and Social Media

The Arab Spring, even with the radical differences between countries as Anderson points out, was largely influenced by social media and networking with available technologies. While reviewing the arguments presented in these readings, Clay Shirky’s idea of collective action should … Continue reading

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Do Emerging Tools Increase Votes?

It is easy to think that because the Internet is has demolished transaction costs, less broad campaigns like those for lower-elected officials could utilize emerging Internet tools to increase political mobilization in their favor. Many political campaigns are excited about … Continue reading

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How Do We Measure Success of Dean’s Campaign?

Howard Dean’s presidential campaign in 2004 was a completely novel and used open source campaigning to help promote awareness and fundraising. Unfortunately, this did not translate to votes in the primaries. Trippi explains how the campaigns use of blogs and … Continue reading

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Social Networking Sites’ Influence on Social Capital

While reading the study by Pasek, More, and Romer, Realizing the Social Internet? Online Social Network Meets Offline Social Capital, I kept thinking of the Uses and Gratification Theory, which states that individuals do not just passively consume media, but … Continue reading

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Changing Social Capital and Collective Action

Shirky discusses the necessary complex interaction of a promise, tool, and bargain with the users in order for a group to be successful. The promise must offer a more valuable lifestyle in some way than he or she currently leads … Continue reading

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