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Week 12

Malcolm Gladwell and Evgeny Morozov both take interesting stances on the role of social media in revolutionary activity, particularly particularly Twitter in the Iranian Revolution. Both authors’ stances lie starkly in contrast to the broadly accepted concept that revolutions in … Continue reading

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Week 9

Vassia Gueorguieva is a prominent researcher in the field of social science. In 2008 Gueorguieva published the essay Voters, Myspace, and YouTube.In this essay Gueorguieva detailed her theories on the emergence of different websites as radically effective political campaign platforms. New … Continue reading

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Week 5 – Pasek & Karpf

In previous weeks, we learned about differing opinions of the capabilities of the internet and other new communication technologies, and their potential impact on the future. Authors like Shirky and Rheingold envision a future in which the development of communications … Continue reading

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Week 3 Blog – pcomameh

In this week’s reading from Howard Rheingold’s book Smart Mobs, the author discusses social networks and their potential to be utilized as driving forces within a society. Rheingold’s discussion pays particular attention to the role that technological development has played … Continue reading

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