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Facebook and Twitter and Youtube, Oh My!

        In the 2011 Arab revolts, Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya were turned upside down, their governments destroyed. Civilians fought for change and made a great deal of noise. While the occurrence of the Arab Spring is undeniable, … Continue reading

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How Important Are Those Sites, Anyways?

As a first-time voter this year, I am trying my best go stay aware and involved with the race and the coinciding facts. Similarly to many others my age, the main media that I access to learn about what each … Continue reading

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Would online support vs. in reality smell as sweet?

In the 2004 Presidential Election, Howard Dean was an early standout with an enormous amount of supporters. According to many political scientists, his campaign was special because of its presence being predominantly online. His use of the Web to organize, … Continue reading

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Groupthink on Social Networking Sites

In his book Here Comes Everybody, Shirky theorizes that increased Internet use leads to a greater social capital and collective action. With the increased prevalence of social networking sites, many wondered how this new ability to access instant information at … Continue reading

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Say Hello to My Little Friends: Mobs and Social Capital

Unattached to a preceding term, a mob simply refers to a group of people, stemming from the Latin term mobile vulgus meaning fickle commoners. Coining the two-part term, “smart mob” Howard Rheingold investigates how a mob can act intelligently and … Continue reading

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